DR RICHARD FELDMAN Expert in the Medical Field

Joined Channel 4 News as a weekly medical reporter in the 1980s.

Expert in the Medical Field

Dr. Richard Feldman, M.D., joined Channel 4 News as a weekly medical reporter in the 1980s. Because of his expertise in the areas of primary care, weight loss, and Fen-Phen, he was recruited by MSNBC as a medical expert on obesity. He appeared on the Today Show when he flew patients to other states to receive treatments that were medically approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) but prohibited to be administered by physicians in the state of Tennessee.
Dr. Feldman shared his expertise as an instructor at Trevecca Nazarene University in the first year of the Physician Assistant program. Additionally, he instructed at Meharry Medical College for 15 years as a clinical supervisor.
To the issue of the obesity crisis in America, Dr. Feldman responded with medically supervised approaches to confront the problem. With a current incidence of 50-60% obesity rates in America, his services are desperately needed to improve the health of overweight patients and to curtail the health care costs to our nation caused by obesity-related health issues.

   Dr. Feldman’s conscientious care of his patients assured that no malpractice cases were ever claimed. He has a solid record of no malpractice judgments in any state in which he practiced.

Dr Richard Feldman

Richard  Feldman, M.D.

A lifetime of service to patients by Dr Richard Feldman, M.D. began with a medical degree from Meharry Medical College in 1975. For 35 years, Dr Feldman has dedicated his life to providing primary medical care and medically supervised weight loss to the community. His office has been open to those in need regardless of race, ethnicity, financial need, or social status. Richard served all who sought his care.

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