Richard Feldman, M.D.

A lifetime of service to patients by Richard Feldman, M.D. began with a medical degree from Meharry Medical College in 1975. For 35 years, Dr. Feldman has dedicated his life to providing primary medical care and medically supervised weight loss to the community. His office has been open to those in need regardless of race, ethnicity, financial need, or social status. Richard served all who sought his care.

Zero Malpractice Claims in 35 Years of Service

Dr. Feldman’s conscientious care of his patients assured that no malpractice cases were ever claimed. He has a solid record of no malpractice judgments in any state in which he practiced.

Serving the Needy

For decades, his work with patients extended to hours of volunteer service. While a freshman in medical school, he collaborated with a medical student at Vanderbilt and a Resident M.D. at Vanderbilt to serve the underprivileged at the Rap Free Clinic. Through the donations they obtained, free care was provided. This clinic later became the federally funded Waverly Belmont Clinic, which still exists today serving low -income citizens. As a medical student, he traveled to Mississippi in the 1970s to provide free clinics of medical care to the underserved minority population. While a full time physician, he spent his Saturdays caring for the needy at the Salvation Army Clinic, which was initiated by Dr. George Perler. He opened his medical office doors to many who could not receive care in other locations – the outcasts of society at times, the prostitutes, the penniless, the uninsured. He saved lives; he gave hope for a healthy life; he helped people lose weight and gain confidence with healthy life choices of proper diet and weight loss.

Expert in the Medical Field

Richard Feldman, M.D., joined Channel 4 News as a weekly medical reporter in the 1980s. Because of his expertise in the areas of primary care, weight loss, and Fen-Phen, he was recruited by MSNBC as a medical expert on obesity. He appeared on the Today Show when he flew patients to other states to receive treatments that were medically approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) but prohibited to be administered by physicians in the state of Tennessee.

Dr. Feldman shared his expertise as an instructor at Trevecca Nazarene University in the first year of the Physician Assistant program. Additionally, he instructed at Meharry Medical College for 15 years as a clinical supervisor.

To the issue of the obesity crisis in America, Dr. Feldman responded with medically supervised approaches to confront the problem. With a current incidence of 50-60% obesity rates in America, his services are desperately needed to improve the health of overweight patients and to curtail the health care costs to our nation caused by obesity-related health issues.

No Criminal Case Convictions

Though some have attempted to bring frivolous criminal charges against Dr. Feldman, not one case has held up under cross-examination. All cases have been dismissed. For instance, one such case claimed Dr. Feldman struck a child, yet the security camera video showed the truth and the judge immediately threw out the case. Other allegations reported in local media and brought before the court were dismissed as unsubstantiated. The local media and social media reported the charges repeatedly with sensationalized details; however, the final results of innocence were never publicized.

Doctors Diet Program Clinics:

Largest Physician Supervised Weight Loss Chain in U.S.

Dr. Richard Feldman’s commitment to helping people reach their goals for healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle has led to the development of the Doctors Diet Program for weight management. Because of his great care for his patients and their success in reaching their goals, he runs the largest physician supervised weight loss program chain in the United States. Doctors Diet Program clinics continue to meet the needs of patients who want to improve their health at the lowest cost in the communities where they are present. He has stood by the commitment, “Why pay more?” for the same high quality care his clinics provide. He was a forerunner to the low cost pricing perspectives held by many outreach medical providers today.

Medical Establishment’s Attempts to Halt His Success

Dr. Feldman’s success bred a contemptuous response from the traditional medical community. Not only did he provide services in his own practice at lower costs, as a political activist he campaigned to reduce medical costs to consumers across America. He reached to Senator Kennedy and others on the Federal level with plans for cost reduction.

Dr. Feldman became the medical director of the state’s first outpatient surgery center, Parkside Surgery Center. When the corporations-for-profit medical companies like HCA saw the potential negative impact to their bottom lines, moves to cease this operation were made. A boycott led by Thomas Frist, M.D., and Tom Nesbitt failed to close the surgery center’s doors. Dr. Feldman was offered the equivalent in today’s terms of more than a million dollar fee to stop its operation and move to Saudi Arabia, which Dr. Feldman rejected. Such outpatient surgery centers have since become the norm in U.S. medical care.

He confronted the establishment by speaking for those who were harmed through negligent care and malpractice at the hands of their own physicians. As a defender of the abused and mistreated patients in malpractice cases, the establishment rose against him. But he stood for what was right – for the harmed patients even though it was the fault of a medical provider while the establishment banded together to hide their faults. He acted as an expert witness in cases that other doctors were not willing to take to help these victims in the state of Tennessee. He clearly understood the possible retaliation from the Board, but he chose to do what was right. He helped alleviate the pain of many who had received damaging treatments in traditional, highly respected health care facilities. By providing expert testimony on their behalf, silent settlements passed to those he assisted.

He expanded the options for medical weight loss for his patients in Tennessee with safe, effective methods, which were so beneficial to his patients that his practice flourished. He wanted to freely advertise to reach more in need. In collaboration with attorney Lewis Laska in legal actions, advertising regulations for physicians in Tennessee were modified to allow the public to receive more information before choosing physicians and making major medical decisions. Increased advertising by physicians aided the people who needed specific services. Dr. Feldman’s fight to reduce advertising regulations for physicians granted the public access to more information of some unconventional weight loss and fat-reduction methods, such as mesotherapy. He refused to yield to the local medical regime that offered underhanded approaches to silence his mission.

Attacked for Convictions to Patient Needs

The attacks came in large measures – reviews before the Medical Board, which attacked his character. These were followed by disciplinary actions by the “Medical Mafia” as Richard Feldman, M.D. dubbed the Board. For someone had entered their state and succeeded in helping tens of thousands of patients reach healthy weight goals.

He supported patients’ decisions to acquire chiropractic care. The medical establishment wanted to silence the unconventional doctor, so they silenced his expert witnesses at hearings. These experts could have shown that the scientific, medically sound practices that Dr. Feldman employed were used successfully in multiple states with studies supporting the methods’ validity. The experts could have stated the appropriateness of Dr. Feldman’s advertising strategies. Yet the testimonies of his expert witnesses and their depositions were not allowed.

Silence – allowing only the echoes of the “Medical Mafia.”

Uncommon is not illegal.

The methods Richard Feldman, M.D. implemented to serve his patients were researched through clinical studies and proven effective with thousands of successful applications, but his silenced expert witnesses had little chance to express their views. His advertising, which was unconventional, was an extended message to many who needed his assistance in weight loss efforts. But Dr. Feldman was silenced by the Board. The Board – the only voice Tennesseans are allowed to hear. Tennesseans want choice in such a personal issue as medically supervised weight loss care. Tennesseans deserve the successful approach to weight loss that Richard Feldman, M.D., has provided for 35 years.

It is time to roar louder than the Board.

If any doubts remain, TBI records can be attained to affirm that Richard Feldman, M.D., has no criminal records.